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Review by Lifetime Books and Gifts



If you and/or your daughter have advanced from basic sewing and are looking for a new and interesting challenge, this may be just what you are looking for. Learn to quilt, bead, make sachets, Victorian pillows and more. Basic to learning to make beautiful things are the study of color, harmonies, and the color wheel's applications to fabric. Victorian Sewing and Quilting is good for young women from age twelve through adult. So, if this little bit of Mother Culture appeals to you, let your creative juices flow, go to the fabric store and the library, (or call us and we'll try to supply you with the book resources you need). You'll learn to work with old lace, crazy quilt, appliqué, and do silk ribbon embroidery. Does that whet your appetite? Enjoy!

Review by Farm Country General Store

The Victorian Sewing and Quilting Adventure! (90+ pages) by Kym Wright helps you learn how to quilt, bead, make sachets, Victorian pillows and more. Study color, harmonies, and the color wheel’s application to fabric. Sew with modern and antique lace. Especially appropriate for the aspiring homemaker ~ appropriate for 6th grade through adult. Websites and resources provided.

By Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Okay, everyone knows that unit studies are one of the hottest trends in homeschooling, right? Unit studies provide a great way to teach many different subjects, using different methods, to different ages of kids at the same time. What could be better for the busy homeschool family? How about having someone write the unit studies for you in a clear, understandable, and logical way?!

Kym Wright, a veteran homeschooling mom of eight children (who also writes brilliant articles for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine) has done this difficult task for us. She has written several unit studies that cover a broad spectrum of topics.




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