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Microscope Adventure 2nd Edition

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by Kym Wright

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Description Needing microscope materials for her hands-on, no-write son, Kym created lab sheets to help him walk through the labs easily, with a minimum of writing. Check-off boxes denote each step, illustrations help in understanding, and Lab Sheets bring completion to the lab. Later with a daughter heading towards a medical career, Kym wanted a microscope lab course to teach the basics and more. Not finding what she wanted, she added to her previous microscope unit. Friends asked to borrow it .. then encouraged her to make it available to others. This Microscope Unit is the final product.

ISBN Number: 978-1-4276-2074-3

Sample Page Click here for a sample page from the Microscope Adventure!
I would like to recommend Kym's Microscope Unit. I purchased a microscope last Christmas for my 10 year old son and we are having a lot of success with this study. My husband is in the medical field and was able to bring home slides, etc. that my son could prepare himself as well as "how to" use the microscope and the study has been a godsend. ~ Satisfied Customer, via email
Topics Covered The 92 page Microscope Adventure! covers the:
  • set-up, usage and clean up of the microscope.
  • 35 Lab Sheets,
  • vocabulary list
  • research questions and
  • report

Let this unit take you on a microscopic adventure through:

  • plant and animal 
  • cells,
  • microbes,
  • insects,
  • fibers,
  • crystals and
  • film

for a total of 26 different specimens studied.

Covering the basics of microscope use;

  • wet mounts
  • dry mount
  • permanent mounts
  • well mounts
  • and drawing observations

Microscope Adventure! is for upper elementary, junior and senior high school.


In a Nutshell

Grade Level:


Special Features:
Microscope Buying Guide
34 Hands-on Labs


Microscopes & Microscopy
Microscope Parts Test
Permanent Slide Mounting
Drawing Specimens
   Grading System
Microscope Specimens


Review from Kathleen Julicher*:
The Microscope Unit will be a very useful one to homeschoolers or to regular schools. Kym Wright has done a great job on it. The lab write-ups will make it easy for instructors to copy for the family as required and then slip the paperwork into the biology notebook.

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