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Life Skills Unit Studies

The Photography Adventure! 2nd Edition covers picture composition, camera types & parts. Photograph people, landscapes, animals, city shots & waterfront. Easy special effects, careers in film and more. Ages 8-adult. Written for 4th grade and up, it is a great course for those interested in learning to make the most of their camera, their photography time and money! Kymís Konstruction Kit included.
The Victorian Sewing and Quilting Adventure! is a great new addition to the Learn and Do family. Learn to quilt, bead, make sachets and Victorian pillows. Study color, harmonies, and the color wheel's application to fabric. Sew with modern and antique lace. Especially appropriate for the aspiring homemakers ~ appropriate for 6th grade through adult.
A grand adventure!
To encourage a love of the library, by learning how it works and the resources available, Kymís Library Adventure! covers it all! This course teaches library history through the parts of a book and the job of the many types of librarians. Learn all the areas of most libraries, and yours in particular, then find out how to go online with your local library system. Make a library form and notebook while making returns without regrets. Create your personalized reading list and get organized with a library bag. Special needs services offered by many libraries are covered along with lessons and forms on how to begin a library, volunteering, starting a story hour and creating a literature club.
As our homeschool children turn into preteens and teens, we see a need to help them learn about the world in preparation for their upcoming lives as adults: hands-on experiences, to see the poverty, the need, and take part in bringing hope and healing. Working with established groups, creating your own, or volunteering individually, there are always opportunities for service. History, people, field trips, and careers. 4th grade & up.
Desiring to teach her children the wonderful art of floral arrangement and crafts, along with making wreaths ~ all in a systematic approach, Kym created the Floral Adventure! Unit Study. In her research, she found that colleges teach this type course as "Horticulture 352: Flower Arranging." This course covers enough for a one-semester high school credit. With marketing plans & practice, it becomes a one-year high school credit.

The Bread Baking eBook is our newest addition to the Practical Life Skills series and is available only as an eBook! From the editor of  The Motherís Heart Magazine comes a practical hands-on how-to guide for baking bread. With over 30 years of bread-baking experience, Kym shares her knowledge and favorite recipes. Learn from her successes and her messes! Written in her warm style. Gleaned from her recipes gathered around the globe and from her southern heritage. Join Kym in learning Bread Baking.

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