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Color Adventure 2nd Edition

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Color Adventure!
by Kym Wright

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The Color Adventure! covers the basics of color theory: primary, secondary and tertiary colors, plus how to mix and match colors to make a pleasant color scheme - whether in artistic endeavors, in decorating, or in fashion. It includes smattering of history, some biographical and informational research, Kymís standard FunSheetsTM with many hands-on projects and as always, loads of fun for teacher and student.

Two wonderful new features added to this unit are the full-color prints of art reproductions and samples to explain and illustrate the lessons. And secondly, the interactive website containing fine art reproductions with color scheme samples and more information included.

ISBN Number: 978-1-4276-2440-6

Sample Page Click here for a sample page from the Color Adventure!
Topics Covered

The 65 page Color Adventure! covers:

  • Color wheel

  • Primary, Secondary & Tertiary colors

  • Warm & Cool colors

  • Neutrals

  • Black & White

  • Tints & Shades

  • Intensity

  • Local Color

  • Color Illusions

  • and the color schemes:

    • Monochromatic

    • Analogous

    • Complementary

    • Triadic

    • Analogous

    • Achromatic

    • Polychromatic, and

    • Patriotic.



In a Nutshell

Grade Level:


Special Features:
Interactive website
Full-color Art Prints



Dear Kym,


I have used a few of your studies- goats, birds, and photography, with great success. Learn and Do units are practical and fun, and clearly give you the information you need for each topic. They stand head and shoulders above other unit studies on the market , as they give a busy homeschooling mom exactly the information they need to create a wonderful learning experience. My children ask for one a year!


I do encourage you to keep rolling with other topics, as I know we would keep trying them. They have been a part of some great homeschooling memories!



Angela Landis

"Queen Mother of Homeschooling"


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