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Bird Adventure

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Bird Adventure!
2nd Edition
by Kym Wright

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The Bird Adventure is geared for all ages, and is a great study for the whole family's involvement. Going through the main characteristics of birds (what makes a bird a bird), there are hands-on activities for each topic covered.

® Course & Research Outlines
® Eggsperiments ® Labs ® FunSheetsTM
® Kym's Konstruction Kit for personalized Lesson Plans
Vocabulary List ® Literature & Reading Lists ® Scripture

Sample Page Click here for a sample page from the Birds Unit Study
Topics Covered

Descriptions of each area follows:

How to Use the Bird Adventure explains about the unit. Kym's Konstruction Kit, the seven page personalized lesson plans, walks you through daily activities on each specific topic, the page numbers in the recommended resources, sheets to copy for that day, reminders to study the vocabulary words and a place to fill in the names of other resources, notes, materials, videos and planned field trips. 

The Goals and Objectives follow the Course Outline. They both tell the areas covered in order, and what each child should learn and be able to demonstrate from using this unit. Further research topics and people to study are also included, with Field Trip ideas and hints on Locating Birds.

Beginning with Incubating Eggs, the course offers assistance in Drawing Birds to help you while in the field. Next comes Making bird feeders and houses, a study of Flight (with many hands-on applications and explanation given for "Why can they, but we can't?!"), Songs & Calls, Senses & Signals, Eyesight, Nests, Feathers, Feet & Beaks, Migration, Anatomy. The final project can be completed in writing, or with the many hands-on activities provided. The Appendix includes an Order List, Scripture References for birds in general and many specific species, a Books & Literature list which gives recommended reading for all ages, and the vocabulary words listed topically (by lesson). The Writing Ideas gives many fun and challenging assignments from which to choose.

Buying A Bird form walks the student through a checklist of reasons for the purchase, frequency of care for the pet, and housing needs and cost comparisons. Many  FunSheets
TM (child-tested fun workpages) are included for the science experiments, and to further the student's learning of the material. Maps are given for migratory


In a Nutshell

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Bird Unit Study is incredibly detailed and complete. She supplies her famous Kym’s Konstruction Kit to implement the unit. Through the unit, the student learns about flight, migration, identification, groupings, bird communication, careers with birds, and anatomy, in addition to some hands-on projects like building a birdfeeder and birdhouse.
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